Monday, September 13, 2010

As summer winds down...

It has certainly felt like fall lately.  We went from sticky blistering 40 degree days (that's 104 fahrenheit for all my lovely American friends) to relatively chilly 13-18 degree days almost overnight.  I can't say that I'm upset about it though.  I love the seasons and am ready for fall.  I wouldn't complain if summer hung around a little while longer.... but I'm not crying about the changing leaves either.  I love autumn for the crisp air, Thanksgiving, halloween and the gorgeous scenery.  It makes me think of yummy food and hiking and warm drinks.   I'm actually really looking forward to it.

photo credit: Huntsville Adventures

We had a good summer.  Around work and school we spent several weekends at the T-family cabin, we got to spend a week at the cottage with my Mum, we spent a weekend away for a beautiful wedding, we golfed, we swam we just hung-out.  It was crazy busy, but good. 

Since last year, fall also means back to school.  I've been off for 5 weeks since I wrote the final exam of my summer semester and it's been great.  It worked out as a fluke this summer that I got so much time, and I won't be getting it again so I really wanted to enjoy it.  I can't believe that time went by so quickly.  I am however looking forward to going back tonight (remind me that I said that in a couple of weeks okay?). 

What's in store for me this semester?

Mondays- Reasoning in Women and Sexism (my final gen-ed class!... but it goes all year)
Thursdays- Introduction to Marketing (apparently the prof is terrible, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt)
Online- Quantitative Methods I (yep... that's a fancy way of saying STATS ::shudder::)

I head to my first lecture tonight.  I'm anxious to get wrapped up at the office a little early today so I can make the hour drive down there as early as possible.  I have to go to the library (I'm borrowing one of my textbooks until the one I ordered from The Book Depository arrives), then the bookstore, then the registrars office to drop off some paperwork.  Of course... I have to make sure to leave enough time to get a tea and to find my class which is in a building I've never even heard of before (for reelz... I go to the 2nd largest University in Canada so the campus is friggin' MASSIVE and therefore this could take a while).  The fact that each place I need to go before class is on a different part of the campus coupled with the inevitable lines at the bookstore on the first day of classes means I'll need as much time as possible.  *fingers crossed*

We've got lots going on this fall too. We're in final preparations for SILs wedding (10.10.10).  It's in less than 4 weeks and our dresses, along with the fabric for the guys ties, have not yet arrived.  It's going to be a mad scramble to get alterations done.  We're also getting ready for another wedding ceremony this Saturday (we're skipping the dinner/reception) and then I'm heading out with my girls for a friends birthday.  The following weekend we're off to Niagara Falls with the family for Bub's grandmothers 80th b-day celebrations. Should be fun (but expensive).  And then of course there's Thanksgiving and Halloween (we're throwing our first big bash) in October.  *sigh*.... I have to fit assignments and readings for school in there too.

Because of this crazy schedule, I wanted to get a ton done this weekend and I DID! I got the whole house cleaned as usual, the backyard and yard waste cleaned-up, filled in under the playset so we're not battling weeds all the time, trimmed the trees hanging over the fence, weeded and turned dirt in the gardens (front and back), painted our new door frame and the kitchen window frame, washed the bedding, reformatted our desktop, installed new OS, got internet working again and installed all the updates it needed (all 123 of them),took pics off my camera and stored on the computer as well as burnt to cd, and organized the spare bedroom closet.  Oh! and Bub cleaned the garage as well!  I also went out with my Mom to get some plants.  I came home with 2 mums, a snowball bush and a hydrangea bush.  LOVE! Can't wait to get them planted.  All the while I had Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on audio to keep my company.

On top of all that I had time to read a little, watch a movie, play nursemaid to my dog (who caught a bee in her mouth and ended up getting stung), take a couple of baths and have dinner at FIL's.  It was a very satisfying weekend. 

Still left to do:
-organize basement/under stairs
-sort donate/toss/recycle/sell and then do dump/hazardous waste, e-waste and goodwill runs, and post kijiji listings
-scrape and paint the rest of the window/door frames
-take annuals out of the garden and turn the dirt over 1 more time (and of course, when the leaves begin to fall we'll be raking like crazy)

Hopefully I'll have time to fit all this stuff in around work and school and all the other crazy plans we have.... but I'm determined to enjoy the season, hopefully get some hiking in not get overwhelmed like I did last fall.

What about everyone else? Are you ready for summer to be over or are you dreading the leaves changing?

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