Friday, September 17, 2010

What have I gotten myself into?

With this new accelerated class, I have 4 classes per week until the first week of November.  This doesn't sound too bad until I remember that I work full-time, own a home, have a husband and 2 dogs and friends and family whom I rarely see to begin with.

So... with all the readings, classes, assignments, tests and exams coming up over the next 6 weeks, I had to do something to organize myself and stay on track.  I created a calendar detailing what school related tasks needs to be done each day from now until the end of the semester.  Luckily, after my accelerated class ends the first week of November, it doesn't look too bad at all.... but until then, it's friggin' scary!  I literally have something to do, and many days have more than one thing.  I've even broken it down to when to start studying for tests and which chapters to study which days.  I have even worked it out to include assigned readings for all of my classes, but usually by the end of the semester I have given up on that for the most part strictly due to the fact that a) it's the exact same content from the lectures because the professor is usually the author b) I don't actually absorb most of what I read because it's so dry.  You know... you finish the paragraph and have little clue as to what you just read?  Ya.  That's me with much of my school material.  However, I have good intentions this semester so we'll see.

Hopefully I can stick to this calendar.  I need to stick to this calendar or I will fall way behind and my schedule does not allow for playing catch-up.  Sometimes my OCD comes in handy.

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