Monday, October 18, 2010

Rules of Attraction- Simone Elkeles

Did I love this book because it's such an important piece of literature? No.  Did the writing/story knock my socks off?  No.  Did I feel the need to run out and tell everything to read this book?  No.  BUT....did I blush a little while reading some of the super steamy make-out scenes and finish it in one guilty sitting? Hell yes!

As with the first book in this "series', Perfect Chemistry, this story is a total guilty pleasure.  A super fast read filled with hot guys (seriously... the sexy Spanish mixed in with the dialogue is HOT), and steamy lusty make-out scenes.  The story-line is engaging enough that I read the book in a sitting and loved it. 

The characters in this one were pretty interesting.  I really liked Kiara.... from her boyish wardrobe to her stutter, I really wanted her to be happy.  Carlos is just as yummy as his brother was, but I didn't quite fall for him as much as I did with Alex.  He was definitely more rough around the edges, and yet vulnerable too. And um, the car scene in the rain (see book cover)?  Ya... LOVED it. I did love Carlos' relationship with Tuck, whom I was very happy wasn't the typical over the top gay best friend.  I'm getting a little tired of that.  He seemed pretty real to me.

As cheesy as it is, I love the epilogues in these books.  For a romantic like me it's really cute to be able to peek into the future and see what happens with these characters. 

So, was this a great literary masterpiece?  No.  But I really enjoyed it and will definitely being reading the final Fuentes brothers story when it is released.

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Chic Fit Geek said...

" A super fast read filled with hot guys (seriously... the sexy Spanish mixed in with the dialogue is HOT), and steamy lusty make-out scenes. "
This makes me want to read it. HAHA