Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Reunion with my Running Shoes

This mornings run = FAIL.

At 6am this morning, I laced up for the first time in 5 and a half months.  It was bad..... really bad.... for many reasons: First, my iPod was dead so I had no music or timing device. Second, I was in the wrong leggings and as soon as I started running, they started falling down.  Third, it's Febraury in Ontario which means the road conditions and temperature (not to mention the lack of daylight until 7:30am) are less than ideal for running.

After only 3 blocks I was winded so transitioned to a brisk walk to recover.  I adjusted my pants and picked up to a run about 5 blocks later (yeah- 5 blocks- I was really motivated) only because my legs were getting cold.  That run lasted about 3 blocks and then I just gave up and dropped back down to a brisk walk for the rest of the route. 

So yes- I still got my exercise in, but I really wanted to have a good run to get me back in the swing of things. I miss running... I just don't miss the early mornings. My legs were freezing by the time I got home and then were itchy like CRAZY when I had jumped in the steaming shower.  I'm not giving up though.... tomorrow morning I think I'll get up and start 30DS and then do another walk (or maybe a run if I can find some substitute pants and the conditions are ok). 

I'm determined to become that girl who works out every morning again.  I feel like a schlump lately and I know it's the lack of exercise that's causing it. 

I can't wait for spring.

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