Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Lookie what I got!

Chic Fit Geek gave me the “Beautiful Blogger Award”…. I’m so excited and honored! She’s got a great blog and great taste in books (and I think she’s going to blow her 2010 reading goal out of the water)!

Thanks for thinking of me and my little blog Chic!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Pass the Award on
3.Contact Blogs and let them know you gave them an award
4. Write something about yourself

My Winners:

Our Life Experiment- my absolute favorite blog to catch-up on. Mama Edmo gives a unique and always honest take on raising her adorable boys Boston and baby Marshall. I’m always excited to see the most recent update and pictures!

Unexpectedly Expecting- although this Dental student and Mom doesn’t have much time to update anymore, I’ve followed her from pre-surprise pregnancy to now. She witty, honest and has the most adorable little girl.

Lovely Little Shelf- a rockin’ book blog. This girl has great taste in books, writes awesome reviews and she also started Flashback Fridays…. something I look forward to every week. I think she’s already been given this award… but I had to send her some love too.

Something about myself:

1. I’ve had my tongue pierced 3 times (and no, I don’t currently have it pierced)
2. I LOVE sky-diving
3. I’m a hockey fanatic
4. I embarrass really easily
5. I’m opinionated to a fault

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Chic Fit Geek said...

You're welcome Ashley!!!