Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy me will appear in 4 days....

I decided to put up a happy post today since I've been a little negative lately.

Been studying my butt off for tomorrow nights economics test (the class I'm struggling with) and it's coming together a little better now. I have two chapters left to teach myself so I'm going to be up pretty late tonight.

I'm so excited for this weekend, and here's why:

1. As of Friday morning my econ test and world history presentation will be behind me.

2. Next week is reading week which means that I don't have class on Wednesday or Thursday and can spend that time working on the term-paper due in my admin studies class.

3. It's Thanksgiving this weekend which means LONG WEEKEND!!! Wohoo! We're doing dinner at my Mum's on Saturday and dinner at my FIL's on Sunday. Yay for turkey!!!!

4. Monday, I'm hoping to finally just relax. Take a whole day school, work and chore free. I plan to read, take a hot bath, cook a really yummy meal, take the girls for a long walk and maybe watch a movie.

There's no new online class this weekend, but I didn't get to do my last one on Sunday as I normally would have because I needed to study for econ, so I'll have to do it at some point this weekend. I think I'm going to skip the case study for this week since we only have to do 5, I've already done 3 and I'd rather spend the time working on the term paper for the same class.

I'm also going to get all my house cleaning caught up either Sat or Sunday through the day. It's kind of falling apart. I still don't have a working vaccum and

I made the most amazing soup on Friday that is now definitely a new fave in the house. It was Stuffed Green Pepper Soup and it's a super easy really yummy slow cooker recipe. I don't even like green peppers and I LOVED it. I have to get the recipe up on my blog and linky soon. If you're a soup lover like me you must make this. It was sooooooo good. Awesome comfort food.

I also plan to make my Apple Cake for dinner at my Mum's this weekend. It's the most amazing, super moist cake you'll ever have. It's basically carrot cake, but apples instead of carrots. I plan to get pics while I'm making it this time around and get it on my blog too.

The plumber is coming on Thursday afternoon to fix our toilets (see a few posts back for details about our ginormous water bill) so hopefully that will solve one of our $$ problems. While he's there I'm having him install the new sink and faucet in the upstairs bathroom. YAY!

So that's my happy update for now. It actually made me feel better to type all that out. I can't wait to get this week over with!

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