Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Talk About Vampires- Part II

So... I mentioned that I wasn't into vampires until Twilight. And I guess I wouldn't really say that I LOVE vampires now either. I still don't read Anne Rice and I still don't watch Buffy. I tried to get in to the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vamps series, which is now True Blood on HBO- and it was just ok. I stopped after the first book. I was beginning to think that perhaps Twilight was a fluke. Then I started to hear a buzz about "The Vampire Diaries" and how this "rip-off" of Twilight was being made into a TV show to cash in on the recent and upcoming hype of the Twilight movies. I looked at some of the trailers for the show and it looked pretty good so I decided to look into the books a little more. I found out some interesting facts. Most importantly:
1. These books were written LONG before Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight, which begs the question….who is ripping-off who?

2. Many people who were the age I am currently at the time of the release of Vamp Diaries (book 1 was 1991ish) call it the “Twilight of their time” and count it a favorite book.

I decided to give it a chance and watch the show. I'm so happy I did. IT IS SO GOOD! We're about 5 or 6 episodes in and I'm loving it! The story is pretty captivating. Oh... and I guess the cast is pretty easy to look at too.

I know, right?  Yummy.

Anyhoo... I was lucky enough to get the first 2 (which is actually 4 total) books in my last book club exchange (thanks again Funky!!).  Although school has kept me from getting very far with them, I started and am really enjoying the books as well. I have to say 2 things though: 1. These are much "younger" than Twilight and much younger than even the show.  I wouldn't recommend this book to adults unless they are fans of YA.  2. The books are TOTALLY different than the show.  The town is different, the back story is different, the characters are described different physically, even the mannerisms of Elena are totally different from the book the the show.  I have to say that I like TV Elena a lot better than book Elena, although she's maturing and getting better on the page.  All that aside... I'm really loving this series, both in print and on TV.

And how can you not love Stefan?  Although he doesn't stack up to Edward, he's pretty amazing.  I won't say I "love him" but I'm definitely school girl crushing on him.  How could you not?  Just LOOK at him???? 

Unfortuantely, I saw a couple episodes of the show before I started reading the books, so I don't have a seperate "head" Stefan created by moi, but I truly don't mind picturing that face in my head as I read every night. 

I recommend the show to everyone, and I do recommend the books as long as you're prepared for "light" YA reading when you start.  It's really another super enjoyable series that's sucked me in.  I'm so happy the show is doing well.... it's my Thursday night, after class addiction and guilty pleasure. LOVE IT. 

A little "Stefan" and "Elena" for your viewing pleasure (I really have no idea what their real names are).

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