Monday, October 19, 2009

Where's the "off" switch...

or I'd settle for "pause".  It's been days since I've been able to shut my brain off and I'm super tired and possibly starting to go crazy.  Although I was on reading week last week, I spent evenings after work working on my mid-term paper for one of my classes (due on Wednesday).  I planned to finish it up on Saturday and then spend Sunday doing my online class and case study (which would have been the last one required for the class until the final exam).  This would have allowed me to do the readings for my econ class tonight and for my humanities class tomorrow night and then back to class Wednesday evening.  It also would have meant that for the next 2 or maybe even 3 weekends if I was lucky, I'd only have to worry about my online class, with no case studies!  It would have been lovely.

This didn't quite go as planned.  Saturday I sat down in my office at about 12:30.  I stopped for just over an hour to make and eat dinner and watch vamp diaires, and then I went back up to keep working away.  At 11:20pm  I still wasn't done and I had to force myself to go to bed after I realized that I may have to re-do an entire portion of the paper.  I crashed and slept hard.  By Sunday at 1pm I was back in the office and was there until 9pm last night, again with a short dinner break (soup and salad)... and I'm still not done.

Warning: the next portion of this post is mostly for my own benefit so I can see what exactly I need to do still and get it planned out.

 I'm close... so close to finishing this paper I can taste it and am going to try my damndest to get it complete today.  That way, I can leave it until tomorrow night, review it one more time with fresh eyes and then submit it by 2pm Wednesday when it's due. 

After I turned the computer off, I grabbed my humanities text book and started doing the readings for this week (nevermind the 3 chapters I didn't read for the last class becuase I was going crazy studying for my econ test... I'll have to get back to those some other time).  I got just over halfway through before having to get in bed. It take a little longer than my regular reading speed because I'm going back and highlighting.  I'll definitely have time to finish it before on Thursday even if I do it right before the lecture... I get to school early anyway.  I'll try to get my econ reading done tomorrow night because I have to go to financial aid on Wednesday before class and therefore won't have time. I have to get a confirmation of enrollmetn form completed so I can try to get my grant and get my OSAP payment suspended!!!!  That leaves tonight to finish up the term-paper and/or start the readings for the online class I should have done yesterday.  Ideally, I'd be able to do the class tonight, which would mean I'm not behind.  If I don't get it done, I'll have to do two classes (but only 1 case study!!) this weekend.  When this crap is done, I have a couple weeks where nothing is due and I have no tests.  Then it's back to the craziness for finals.

OKAY! Enough blogging about school priorities.  What else is happening in my life? Well... not much because I don't have time or money.  har de har.... oh! I had to return my laptop to Dell and order a new one.  I won't even get my started on that whole complicated mess.  The end result is that I will NEVER EVER EVER purchase from Dell again... I've never been treated so poorly in my life.  So that means that this week and possibly next week, I am again without a laptop for classes. It's driving me nuts because I have school stuff on my work computer, my home computer and files on both that will need to be transferred to my new laptop (again) when it arrives.  So complicated now, but when it all gets sorted out the laptop will actually make life much easier. 

I'm stopping here.... I will post seperately very shortly, a whole post that doesn't mention school or money.

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