Monday, October 26, 2009

I got what I needed....

Friday night I totally vegged out. I had all these grand plans to get the house cleaned and laundry done after work while Bub was at the Argos game…. but I sat on my a$$ and watched TV pretty much all night (after I bought myself a new dress that I couldn’t afford).
Saturday, Bub and I went to his uncle’s surprise 60th birthday party in the afternoon. It was actually nice o see the family and eat some yummy food (pot luck cold cuts and finger food style- THE BEST). We headed home and I quickly changed and put my night make-up on and one of my girlfriends picked me up. She hosted a Mary Kay foot spa party (with more finger foods- YAY) and then we got down to the very serious business of drinking…a lot! At about 11 we headed downtown to a new bar that opened this weekend called Club Ash. I figure it’s meant to be for me right? It was free cover this weekend and myself and one of my friends were actually were given permanent VIP memberships.

Such an awesome night! I drank a lot and danced all night. I danced with several very cute boys (some of whom could dance and some of whom could not) and happily allowed them to buy me drinks . We ran in to some old friends and caught up with them (actually it was more like drunken reminiscing) and we stayed until the lights came on. It was so awesome to just let loose like that. I didn’t think about school or money once…. although I probably should have thought a little more about money because I spent way too much. I was only concerned with having a good time.

Yesterday I did my online class as usual, but no case study. I couldn’t bring myself to do it this weekend. There are 4 more classes and I only have to do 1 more case study so it was no big deal. So I just vegged some more after 4 hours of class.

Needless to say, I got no cleaning done this weekend. I quickly Lysol wiped the bathrooms and that was it. The floors are in desperate need to a mopping, and I need to scrub the bathroom and kitchen, Bub needs to vacuum and dust….. so maybe we’ll find the motivation tonight?

Now I just need to figure out if we’re doing anything for Halloween and what it is!

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