Monday, October 19, 2009

A listed update for organization sake

There are a few things I've wanted to talk about/mention:

1.  I need to go out!!!! I want so badly to have a bender night where I can get dressed up, do my hair, put my fancy make-up on and go out and get loaded and dance my butt off. I haven't done it in months and it's desperately needed. I'm trying to figure something out for next Saturday. I NEED TO GO OUT!!!!!!  Did I mention that already?

2.  I really want a to take a weekend away. It's not going to happen anytime soon, but I keep dreaming about taking off to some remote resort in Muskoka, or some nice hotel in Nigara Falls for the weekend with Bub.  Something with a hot tub and pool, or jacuzzi in the room!!  If you have me a jacuzzi and a stack of good books, I'd be content to stay in the room for the whole weekend... coming out only to eat.  Seriously... I keep trying to rationalize charging it to a credit card and just going, but it's so not a good time right now.

3.  I'm happy that it's fall.  I was so pissy with the crappy summer we had that I kept thinking... well you might as well bring fall on since summer sucks anyway.  We had a great Thanksgiving last weekend (3 dinners in 3 days) and are now trying to figure out what, if anything, we want to do for Halloween.   I'd love to go to a costume party and we've been invited to one... but we don't really know the person so it's kinda weird.  I'd rather go dancing, but that's just me. 

4.  Fall means that Christmas season is coming.  Although I'm a lot worried about the $$ factor of Christmas, I LOVE the season. It's my fave time of year.  It's also nice because it means a break from school AND work for a few days.  HEAVEN!  We decorate the first weekend of December and I pretty much have Christmas music on 100% of the time after that. I.LOVE.CHRISTMAS!!!!

5.  My Mum came and planted some bulbs for me since I hate gardening and didn't have time.  While I was doing homework yesterday she turned the front gardens over and planted a bunch of stuff for the spring. I'm super grateful because not only do I hate to garden, but I also suck at it... so she does a much better job that I ever would/could.

6.  I'm finally just under my original goal weight.  I've now officially lost 68lbs.  I thought for sure I would have gained in the last few months and over the summer since my exercise became basically non-existent (I miss running) and my eating habits have gotten crappier, but it turns out I'm still losing.  How is that possible?  I'm going to keep going because I would like to be in the lower part of the healthy range for my height and I know that there are still some areas I'd like to lose.... but I'm happy for the most part with how I look now.  I have to buy new clothes for the third winter in a row... but it's necessary and fun, even if it means a uping the credit card bill (I'm so broke).  I'm just hoping my winter coats still fit since both were new last year.  I wonder if I could have them altered?  Maybe I should look in to alterations on some of my pants too?  It may be cheaper than buying new.

Ok, I better get some work done.  But first (becuase I apparently feel the need to torture myself)....

wouldn't you love to be here with room service, you hubby and a big bottle of wine (less lights, more candles)????

or here with a gourmet hot chocolate and a book on a cool fall night (ok... hubby can come too)???

I would.  Ahhhh.... a girl can dream can't she? 

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