Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring has sprung... what to do first?

I’ve got a huge case of spring fever. I’m reading to get cracking on my gardens, the lawn, the garage, the roof, decorating the house etc. This will be our first spring/summer in the house so there’s LOTS to do and I’m anxious to get going.


I thought I’d get the decorating done over the winter, but I just didn’t have the motivation, energy or money for some reason. Now I have all these ideas and don’t even know where to start.

-I want to paint the living room, master bedroom and both bathrooms.
-I want to reface or paint the kitchen cabinets.
-I’m totally overhauling our bedroom. In addition to painting the walls, I want new curtains, new bedding and I am going to paint some of the furniture.
-Find a funky chair for the office/library so I can complete my “reading corner”
-new window coverings for most of the main windows


-I have already cleaned out my closet and for the 2nd year in a row, most of my clothes are too big and I’m left with almost nothing (I have the big walk in and it’s almost empty… DH has the tiny closet in the spare bedroom and it’s jammed). I’m going to have to find some money and go shopping SOON. This is really frustrating when you have no money.
-Go through the storage bins in basement- sort for trash and garage sale
-Clean our garage- sort for trash and garage sale
-Get my books from my mums and organize my library


-Set up professional lawn care treatment plan
-seed bare spots on lawn
-plant box shrubs at front of house
-dig out over run garden in back yard and plant
-dig out new gardens in back yard
-buy hanging and potted plants for all around the house
-trim large pine trees in front
-clean out under the pine trees
-edge along driveway
-level out two spots in back yard


-get estimate for new shingles and book someone (YIKES!!!)
-wash windows
-clean gutters
-fix patio stones at front of house the heaved in the winter (need to level them out)
-buy and install clothes line in back yard


-finish basement (make a laundry and rec room)
-buy/install new furnace
-start replacing windows (as needed)My god, I just realized how HUGE this list is. I better get my ass in gear and I should probably plan to win the lottery or rob a bank since I’m BROKE!

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