Monday, March 30, 2009

The change of a color....

Is it really Monday morning already or am I dreaming? Oh how I would love to wake up in my bed with the dog snoring away in my ear and realize that it's just Saturday morning. We had a busy weekend.

Friday night we popped over to my MIL's for dinner. She didn't feel like cooking, so we ordered East Side Mario's (YAY!) and just chatted for a bit. I could seriously live on the ESM cheese cappaelleti and their italian wedding soup. Sooooo good. Everyone laughs at me because whenever we order in my suggestion is always ESM. People say "are you not sick of it yet".... NOPE!

Saturday was GORGEOUS. I opened all the windows and cleaned the house while DH was with his Dad at the driving range. I got on such a roll that I even did the "chores" that I generally set aside for Bub. He was very grateful when he got home. I washed all our bedding and hung it outside to dry (nothing beats the smell of sheets off the line). Saturday night we went over to FIL's for steak, some beers and a couple games of cards. Lots of fun.
Yesterday was rainy and yucky and I was just feeling down (for no particular reason) and I could tell DH was a little grumpy too so we decided to go out for burgers for lunch. We don't eat fast food very often, so it's a treat. We stopped by Lowe's on the way home because I'm desperate to get SOMETHING off of my house "to do" list done. Then I remembered that my mom had this awesome grey paint she bought for her bathroom and had almost a gallon left- which she said we could have. We popped by there to pick it up and then tackled painting the living room. We only got it half done but the color looks really good, especially for two beginner painters who really didn't know what we were doing. I was so sick of beige. The whole house, with the exception of the office and spare bedroom was beige when we bought it and in the words of Mr. Big (for those who don't know... he's from Sex and the City) "beige is bullshit". Well, not all beige is BS, just THAT much beige. I need color in my life! We're going to finish tonight and then tackle painting the powder room either one evening this week or this weekend. I got an awesome purple for that room... it will look good. That will cross two things off my list and it will have cost me nothing! :) If it's nice this weekend I am going to tacke washing the windows and the blinds etc. Not a fun job, but something that needs to be done and won't cost me anything! The house is a disaster with everything ripped apart for painting, but I'll get it all put back together tonight and it will be worth it.

Needless to say I can't believe that weekend is over already. I can't believe I'm already sitting her again.

Is it Friday yet?

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