Thursday, January 6, 2011

Semester 5 (aka: Semester from Hell)

I can't believe starting my fifth semester since returning to school.  Honestly, it feels like I just started and I can only hope that the remainder of my time in school goes just as quickly.

Here's the class line-up for this semester:

Monday nights: MODR- Reasoning in Women and Sexism (continues)
Tuesday nights: Quantitative Methods I (aka- stats I- again)
Online: Marketing I

I'm looking forward to marketing, and I love, love, love my MODR class... so why has this semester been dubbed "Semester from Hell"?  Well, simply because of the over-the-top workload. 

Stats *shiver*
-2 tests
-2 assignments
-final exam

-conceptual analysis paper
-another conceptual analysis paper
-in-class presentation

-15 discussion board postings per class (so, per week)
-responses to fellow students discussion board postings
-2 assignments
-group marketing plan (HUGE assignment we work on all semester)
-final exam

Of course, this is all on-top of readings and lectures, plus a one hour per week stats tutoring session that I'm in the process of setting up today. Oh! and I work full-time.  Did I mention that?  And this is all going down in the next 12 weeks.

Pray for me.

I'm not complaining though.  Not yet anyways. I'm just stating the facts as I see them right now and I find it better to get it "on paper" so that I'm clear on what needs to be done.  And I have my new office at home to comfortably study/work on assignments and Bub is picking up a padded lap workstation for me today that includes a light, cup holder and pencil holder so that I can comfortably read and highlight textbooks in bed.  I've taken on a new outlook about school and I'm hoping it lasts.  I will work hard, but I won't let it run my life. I will be OK with whatever marks I get as long as I know that I did my best and I will take it one semester at a time.

So here I go... diving head first into another semester and counting down the weeks until this one is behind me too.

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Chic Fit Geek said...

There was no whining in this post! Who are you and what have you done with school-you?
Hugs! Hope this semester is good!