Friday, February 25, 2011

Where my brain has been lately....

Several people have asked us why we would want to move to PEI.  Why not one of the bigger cities on the east coast... like Halifax. My answer?


 And these...

And because...

-it's called "The Gentle Island"... who doesn't want to live on the Gentle Island?
-the total population of the whole island is about the same as the city I currently live in
-Chef Micheal Smith calls it "Food Country" and says that PEI is one big amazing farm surrounded by gorgeous beaches (heaven for me)
-because I could go sea kayaking and whale watching in the morning, horseback riding on the farm in the afternoon, a feast on the freshest of fresh seafood for dinner
-the scenery is spectacular
-they have a good University that offers the degree that I really want
-it's a totally different way of life from what we have now
-everybody and their brother moves out west... we want to go east.


Caitlin said...

Girl, you guys should do whatever feels good. You're young and if you can make it work without downgrading your life (dropping out of school, etc.), then why not! Don't listen to the naysayers. Some people just don't understand the need to have an adventure :)

Chic Fit Geek said...

That looks so wonderful!
If the opportunity fits the life you want, do it! Go for it! Take the leap and hope it all works out, and it will because you want it to.
I hope you get into the university!

Tameka said...

All I know about PEI is that Anne Shirley lived there, but I think you should absolutely take the leap!