Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A waiting game

I'm just a big old ball of nerves and excitement lately.  Why, you ask?  I submitted my application to UPEI early last week and to say that I am anxious to hear back from them is the understatement of the year.

I know I have the marks to get in without a doubt.  I had honors in high school, graduated college the first time around with high honours and my lowest mark since returning to university is a B+.  My concern is more related to how many transfer credits they will give me (I don't want to lose out too badly) and whether or not my math credential course earned through my current school will be accepted by them as the math pre-req required for business programs.

I sent a whole package of detailed paperwork to them explaining my situation, I've requested all my transcripts be forwarded to the school and and waiting on pins and needles to hear back.  Everything is on hold (house hunting, job searches, etc.) until we hear back from school. If the transfer credits don't add up or the math credential course isn't accepted, we're not going anywhere.  I'm not setting myself back in school.  However, if everything works out then we can make decisions about the house and when to leave and Bub can inquire about getting a transfer out there.

For some reason we have our hearts set on PEI... so I didn't even apply anywhere else yet.  Not smart, I know.

The family is mostly supportive.  Both of our mothers and my Dad think it's a great idea. Interestingly enough it's my step-dad and Bub's Dad that are not keen on the idea.  This is interesting because both of them, at one point in their twenties, picked up and moved across the country themselves.  My step-dad asked my Mom to "talk us out of it" and my FIL just got grumpy when we told him. He literally got this disgusted look on his face and said  "why would you want to move there"... ummmmmm for the same reason that you moved out west in your twenties.  Because we can and because we will enjoy the adventure of living somewhere that provides a totally different lifestyle to what we have now.  I know it's going to be a battle with him and that he's going to fight us all the way.  As a bonus, he's totally passive aggressive so nothing will be straight forward... it will be all "you know it rains out there a lot right?" "you know that the housing market out there is not really as good as here right?"  blah blah blah... YES! Did you ever consider that I've been doing research like CRAZY? That maybe just because you're finding out about this for the first time doesn't mean that we haven't been looking in to this in detail for a long time?

Hello FIL, have we met?  I'm the super obsessive and uber cautious DIL that you often brag about?  Remember me?  Do you really think that we haven't been putting a TON of thought into this?

Regardless of anyone else's opinion, we're making this decision on our own.  We will definitely ask for feedback but ultimately no one will be able to talk us out of it.  It's frustrating to hear my FIL and step-dad talk about how wonderful it was to the live out west for a couple years, but then to have them react like this when we say we're going east.  It doesn't make much sense to me.

Anyways... my fingers are still crossed and my hopes are still high and really, no one can talk me down. I know this is the right decision for us.  If we put our work in and if it's meant to be, it will be...regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Now... I'm off to buy some Wellies for our big move.  ;)  What do we think...


or something a little more funky?...


Chic Fit Geek said...

If you're going to get Wellies, you'll be wearing them when the weather is depressing. Get fun ones!! Mine have flowers all over them and it makes rainy days a little brighter :)

kenpen said...


I really want a pair of these. (In a fun pattern, of course.)