Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crunch Time

This post is solely for my own benefit, so please feel free to disregard. Actually, to tell the truth, this entire blog is for my own benefit- an outlet of sorts- but this post specifically is for me so I can wrap me head around what's expected of me over the next few weeks.

I'm in the home stretch of SemesterFromHell (hallelujah!) and have a lot going on.  It's probably time for me to break out the Microsoft calendar and task out what needs to be done, day by day.  But for now, here's what I have to complete for school over the next 4(ish) weeks.
  • Complete discussion submission for marketing lecture 9 and submit by Friday (March 4)
  • Edit parts 2 and 3 down to finalized form for marketing plan
  • Marketing contributions assignment due Friday (March 4)
  • Do some practice exercises for stats chapter 12 before tutor
  • Marketing Lecture 10, reading and notes to be completed this weekend (March 5 & 6)
  • Tentative- find a time on the weekend to meet w/ tutor to make-up for this weeks cancelled session (March 5 & 6) 
  • Practice exercises for stats chapter 13 before Thursday March 10
  • Submit discussion questions for marketing lecture 10 by Friday March 11
  • Complete marketing project Part Four w/ group by Monday March 14
  • Stats quiz # 2 on Tuesday March 15th
  • Submit marketing lecture 11 discussion questions by Friday March 18
  • Marketing final exam Saturday March 19th
  • Complete marketing project Part Five w/ group by Monday March 21
  • Stats assignment # 2 due on Tuesday March 22nd
  • Finalize, submit and present Passage Analysis Paper for MODR by Monday March 28th
  • Complete stats chapter 14,15 and 16 practice exercises before Thursday March 31
  • Finalize and submit full marketing project w/ group by Monday April 4
  • Stats final exam Thursday April 7

Yep- definitely time to get the calendar out and break this down.  I sense a lot of late nights in my future. The one thing getting my through is that my final exam is April 7th, and summer classes (assuming that I will even be continuing at that school) don't start until the first week of May.  If I don't get into UPEI and we stay in Ontario, I'll have three blissful, school-free weeks in April to catch-up on all the sleep I'll miss over the next little while.  Can't wait!  I'm going to take lots of weekend naps.  Or maybe I'll sleep for 3 weeks straight! 


Chic Fit Geek said...

This post makes me cry for you. lol
Good luck!!!

kenpen said...

My semester goes until May 6, but I'm already floored by how fast it's going--I turned in midterm grades last night! (thank goodness!)