Monday, December 13, 2010

I suck... taking pictures.  Well, I suck at a lot of other stuff too, but especially at taking pictures.  This has not always been a problem for me, but it seems to be getting worse lately.

Bub and I took off to Niagara Falls for the weekend to celebrate our 10th anniversary and I didn't take a single picture of either of us.  There were many picture worthy, Ishouldwanttocapturethismemory moments.... but I failed to remove the camera from my purse even once with the exception of 1 shot of Santa Claus in the parade we stumbled upon. And honestly... why did I want a picture of Santa?

I also snapped a pic of this cute guy with my phone who was watching the parade with his people:

He was very proud of his sweater (and if you can't tell.. that's a little stuffed snowman on his back).  Too cute!

Bub and I headed down on Friday night, making pretty decent time, arrived to check-in to the hotel, have a beer and then head out to Mick and Angelo's- hub's fave restaurant and a Niagara Falls night # 1 tradition- for dinner.  It was to die for as always (although I'd HATE to see the calorie count on the calzone that I get).  We walked down Cliffton Hill to see the falls and watch the fireworks and then strolled around a little before stopping for ice cream (yeah... not a good idea in December in Ontario) and then headed back to the hotel where I spent the rest of the night in the jacuzzi.

Saturday was spent first at the breakfast buffet, then outlet mall shopping, a drive through wine country (seriously... I want 90% of the houses that we drove past... gorgeous!) and then strolling through and shopping in Niagara on the Lake.  It's such a quaint little village and was so cute all done up for Christmas.  We happened to be there for their Santa Claus Parade, which was the best I've seen in a long time... great marching bands and drumlines!

We headed back into Niagara, stopped on the way for a late lunch and then spent the afternoon in the jacuzzi back at the hotel.  After switching rooms because we had no more hot water we got ready for dinner at Canyon Creek overlooking the falls.  It was an incredible meal with a great view and not terribly priced.  We spent the night planning our fantasy dream house.  Mine included a huge great room with a big fireplace, a full library, a hot tub, stables and horses, a seperate family room for the television.... Bub's included basketball and tennis courts, both an indoor and outdoor pool, a hot tub and a theatre room.  It was fun to dream a little.

We had every intention to go skating at "Rink on the Brink" which is an outdoor rink right at the falls, but when we went back to change, I got in the tub and that was it.... by 10pm I was out cold in the kingsize bed!

Sunday we left early and got Timmy's for breakfast on the road because some nasty weather was supposed to come in.  When we got back, we ended up spending the day with my Dad who was coming through town on business (he lives 13+ hours away and I haven't seen him since my Aunt was sick last winter).  So it was a really nice surprise and a great way to round of the weekend. 

I wanted to spend tonight picking up my last 2 Christmas gifts and then completing my wrapping... but the laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping that didn't get done this weekend can't wait.  We have no food and we'll have nothing to wear if I don't do a load or 2.  So that's what I'll be up to tonight.  However, it will be nice to be at home "puttering" around with the dogs rather than at school like I would usually be on a Monday night.  Maybe I'll even get a little bit of reading in??
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Chic Fit Geek said...

So glad you had an awesome weekend!
I know what you mean about pictures. I have more pictures of our dog than I do of Frenchie and I.