Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Years of Goofy Love

On this exact day 10 years ago, sometime around 7:30 pm if memory serves me correctly, on ICQ (remember ICQ?? "uh oh!") a boy who I'd been kissing and drinking hot chocolate with after school for about 2 weeks asked me if I would be his girlfriend officially.  And I said yes.  Little did I know that 10 years later, I would own a house and car, have 2 dogs, 3 nieces and 3 nephews and be 4 years deep into a silly, fun and exciting marriage with that same boy.

Honestly, if the average Joe could see into our house on a normal night when it's just us and the dogs, they'd probably think we were crazy.  We dance and goof around and play fight and call eachother names..... and just laugh together. A lot.  We've gone through some stuff in the last 10 years, but he's really my best friend and I'm so lucky to be able to go home at night and unload a share of my troubles on him.   

I can't believe that it was December 7th 2000, way back when I was in the 10th grade, that it all began. And now here we are on December 7th 2010 and I'll be going home to that same boy... probably not kissing him tonight cuz' he's sick...  but definitely celebrating a decade of the most goofy love most people will ever see.

Oh! and look what was waiting for me when I got up this morning......

A (giant) homemade card to add the collection I have which includes 1 for every month of our first year together and every year since then.

*sorry for the crappy quality- my BB camera sucks*


Tameka said...

That is so freaking adorable! Happy 10 years!

melissa said...

how cute! congrats on 10 years. here's to another 10 (and many more after that)!

lovelylittleshelf.com said...

So Sweet!
Happy 10 years and have a great day!

Chic Fit Geek said...

Hooray for 10 years! Congrats!!
Hubby2B and I will be 4 years on Friday.