Monday, December 27, 2010

The Hollow (Sign of Seven Trilogy - Book 2 ) by Nora Roberts

*3.5 stars*

I didn't think I really cared about Fox and Layla's story... boy was I wrong. I just wanted to nom Fox the entire time I was reading, and Layla really impressed me. She seemed to be quite the spineless pushover in the first book, but came through pretty strong when she needed to in this installment.

Again, I found myself struggling with just how "out there" the paranormal aspects were. I'm honestly having a a little difficulty keeping up with what's going on in terms of Twisse (sp?), Hester... and that crew. I'm hoping that it will all come together in the final book.

I LOVED the humour in this story. Especially between Fox and Layla and his family. The "this is excellent news" scene with Sage in the office cracked me up.

I've become quite attached to these characters and am DYING to find out what will happen with Gage and Cybil. The tension between those two is killing me and will hopefully make for some steamy reading.

Can't wait to finish off the series!

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