Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WPGA... or not.

I got a call from SMIL last week asking if I would be her golf partner in the annual family games which take place on the Saturday before Father's Day every year.  I agreed, but decided that I needed some practice because.... well, I've never golfed in my life.

Bub was all over it because he's been trying to get my out on a course for years, so Thursday night we went out to the driving range around the corner from our house. 

I was bad.  Really bad.  So, Friday night Bub decided to take me to the crappiest, cheapest golf course in our area to actually play a round so I could get a better feel for it.  We had so much fun!!!!!  In fact, we had such a good time that we dropped our cart after we played the first planned 9 and walked a second 9.  I bought us a beer and we just enjoyed  hanging out.  We even got rained on for a bit, but it didn't bother us.

My very first swing for my very first round of golf

Bub showing off

Then Satuday morning was the big test.  Bub was playing with the first group (Bub, FIL and 2 of my BIL's) and SMIL and I were last to go along with 2 of Bubba's cousins.  All four of us non-golfers.  As we lined up at the first hole, we were told that we were being followed by a group of 120 people, so we had to keep our game moving.  Great.

My partner and I, with Uncle T.

The family lining up at the first hole.  All of them avid golfers except us.

Bub teeing off with his partner

Teeing off... so nervous.

So... as the family started seperating we were getting ready to tee off when the group of 120 came out of the clubhouse to watch.  Yeah.... no pressure or anything.  The guy playing the bagpipes made it worse.  I was so nervous that I left my favorite club (my 9 iron) and my pitching wedge at the first hole and had to play the other 17 without them. Awesome.  But, once we got past the first hole, we had  blast.  I learned that I really like golf and will definitely continue to play.  Maybe someday I can take some lessons when I have time.

But after a large bucket of balls at the driving range, 36 holes of golf, a family reunion, 2 baseball games and a case study submission.... I was ready to crash on Sunday night.  It was a crazy busy weekend.... but a fun one.

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