Monday, September 21, 2009

I <3 Dirty Dancing

This weekend was a good one.

Friday night we met the IL’s for a beer after work so that FIL could give me $$ to buy a school sweater as a “congrats on going to back to school gift”. That turned into him buying our beers, giving me the cash for the sweater and then inviting us back to their house for Chinese food!  We did a late night grocery shop (so much better when it’s not busy!) and we did some PVR catch-up when we got home.

Saturday morning we drove down to my campus. I gave DH the official tour and then we grabbed some lunch. We then headed over to the sports complex to watch my York Lions take on the McMaster Marauders in the third football game of the season. We won’t be going again because even I, as someone who knows crap all about football, can see how much they suck. We left in the middle of the third quarter because it was hopeless. I’m hoping that the hockey team is better so we can support them. I like hockey better than football anyway. I know we have great volleyball teams, so I’m hoping to catch a couple of those games too.

Saturday night DH was out for a friend’s birthday and my BFF came for a movie night. We went to see drop of her sister’s birthday card at the pub where she works and ended up having a beer and dinner. I had wanted to watch To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar all week IHO Patrick Swayze, and when I told BFF this… well, here’s the convo:

Me: Have you seen To Wong Foo w/ Patrick Swayze?

Her: no

Me: OMG it’s too funny. You have to see it. We’re watching it.

Her: Sure, sounds good!! You know, it’s kinda funny because I’ve never even seen Dirty Dancing.

Me: ______________?

Her: *laughing* Ash?

Me: I’m sorry… WHAT did you just say?

Her: Seriously, I’ve never seen it.

Me: Um? Ok. Sit. Now. Screw Too Wong Fu, we’re watching Dirty Dancing you freak of nature!

So we spent the rest of the evening watching Dirty Dancing. I kept turning to her saying “I can’t believe you’ve never seen this!!!!!! What girl hasn’t seen Dirty Dancing?” This was a childhood staple for me. I can still recite this movie from beginning to end. I have a tee-shirt that says “nobody puts baby in a corner”. How did I not know this about my best friend? I’ve been allowing her to walk around without experiencing the joy that is Patrick Swayze in all his shirtless glory (hellllloooo back muscles… yum yum). I’m a failure as a best friend for allowing that to happen.

Sunday I spent the morning reading my own book and then 6 hours of the afternoon was eaten up by my online class and related work (reading, lecture, notes, case study + progress quiz). We had dinner and then I spent the rest of the evening reading.

I’m still not smoking. I’m in day 6 right now. The first few days weren’t bad, but this weekend was really hard. If there had been cigarettes in the house, I would have smoked them. I came very close to breaking down and buying a pack. I’m so happy I didn’t, but I hope it gets easier because there were moments of torture and I don’t know if I can continue to be strong for a long, long period of time. I’m going to have to get the eating thing under control too, because I don’t want to eat instead of smoking and reverse all my hard work by gaining all my weight back.

This week is pretty much just school. I spend Monday nights doing the readings for my Microeconomics class and Tuesday nights doing the readings for my World History class. Wednesday and Thursday nights I’m in class and then Friday and Saturday are school free days (or at least that’s the plan). I’m hoping for a quiet Friday because some of my shows start this week so I like to stay up Friday nights and catch-up on the PVR. I need to clean the house next weekend for sure because I decided to give myself a break this past weekend.

And now, for your viewing pleasure....

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