Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Possibly Turning A Corner?

I'm really reluctant to write this post, but I think I need to do it if for no other reason that the power of positive thinking.  I think I'm turning a corner emotionally. I'm certainly not 100%, but I'm having more and more good moments... not finding it quite so hard to get out of bed every single day.  I'm not feeling quite so hopeless.

I followed up with my doc this afternoon and she upped my dose of the antidepressant, and suggested that I speak with a professional (I'll be in contact with a Psychologist tomorrow). She wasn't quite satisfied that the medication was doing the job at the original dose, which was as low as it goes because I'm nursing.

I'm still being careful, trying not to expose myself to any triggers, but something is definitely changing. I just hope that this is the beginning of the end of this particular slump. I'm ready to start feeling better so I can enjoy the last 2 months of my maternity leave and go back to work in a positive frame of mind.