Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Shock

*Originally posted on The Nest on Friday July 17th*
I had a job interview this past Tuesday. It's for a position that's almost identical to what I do now (or what I DID before they centralized all of my duties in the US offices), but it's at a management level. I would have a small team of staff in the office reporting to me. It's 5K a year more and about 3 minutes from my house. I was excited to go to the interview, but not getting my hopes up too much since it's only a 1 year mat-leave contract, so I wasn't sure I would take it, even if it was offered to me.

The interview ended up being a group sesssion, where there were 3 interviewers and roughly 12 candidates. It went fine, but I didn't think that I really stood out in the (much older) crowd. I walked out at the end and forgot all about it... literally! I saw my Mum later that night and she asked me "how'd it go" and I said "how'd what go?". I really did not expect to get a call back.
Bub called me today when he got home to tell me that there was a message from "O" my contact at the new location, requesting that I come back for a 2nd interview. I was shocked! I had completely let it go and wasn't expecting a call at all.

So, sometime next week I'll be meeting with the head of the deparment for a second interview and then they will make their decision from there! I'm actually excited about it. The one year contract thing is not so great.... but I have to do something about this job and soon because I can't take the boredom anymore. I used to be so busy I didn't know what to do with myself and I now I'm busy doing nothing but trying to look busy. It's awful and makes for really long days.
So... I'm crossing all fingers and toes that the 2nd interview goes well. I'm comfortable in 1-on-1 interviews and usually make a good impression, so I'm hoping this is no different.

Yay! and Happy Friday!

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