Thursday, May 7, 2009

That's really great for you... and now I'll punch you in the face

This is a stupid story, but one of those things that makes you say “why…? Why did you feel the need to bring that up”?

As previously posted, H and I are heading to Orlando on Sunday for a week. We had tried to wait for a seat sale for our flight, but as time went on, the prices got higher and higher and I was stressing, so we just decided to book the cheapest we could find. I need to plan, it’s what I do. So, I booked the flights and made a promise to myself not to look at flight prices after they were booked.

A CW who knew I was travelling there this weekend was asking me for tips on booking Disney World (I’m not staying right in the park this time, but have in the past). They are taking their son for the first time next month. I told her flat out “if you get a seat sale, keep it to yourself. I don’t want to know if you get a good deal. It’s too late for me and my flight is already booked”.
This morning, she walks over to my desk to tell me she got everything booked and the details of her trip. I happily listen until she says this:
Her: “and HOLY deal on the flight too”
Me: “Great”
Her:” You really should have waited.”
Me: “Yeah, but there were no guarantees and I’m an obsessive planner so I needed to know the details and know that we were booked for sure”
Her: “We got all three of us for what it cost you for two”
Me: “great”
Her: “and they are both direct flights” (my flights each have a short stop)
Me: “great”
Her: “and the times are awesome, we’re gaining almost two days based on the flight times”
Me: “that’s great for you”
Her: “you really should have waited”
Me: ::steam starts coming out of my ears:: “great”
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why was it necessary to tell me this? I’m specifically told her to keep that info to herself. Now I’m pissed (not at her) because we could have got cheaper direct flights if I wasn’t so obsessive and anal (I have mild OCD and it’s a big pain). I’m annoyed with her too because she knew how much it would bother me, but still decided to share the info anyway.

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