Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Magical World of Disney

Our trip was awesome. We spent 7 days at a great resort in Orlando with 7 gorgeous pools, tennis courts, beach volley ball, basketball etc etc. We could have spent the whole 7 days at the resort and been content. However, that’s not at all what we did.

Sunday: arrive, get settled in condo, POOL, dinner out

Monday: grocery shopping in the early AM (called and cab and stretch limo came… weird!) Pool day at the resort, hilarious game of beach volleyball that night.

Tuesday: Mini-golf and shopping at one of the local outlet malls. I bought NOTHING but DH got some new shoes. We got absolutely poured on… it was actually scary because the wind was whipping in all directions and then it started to hail (golf ball sized). It looked like CNN footage of a hurricane. I just read in the Jacuzzi in the room that night.

Wednesday: rent a car, drive to cocoa beach, play in the ocean, get sun burnt, pickup a jelly fish (that’s right… I picked it up because I thought it was a piece of glass on the beach), picnic lunch, shopping at the original Ron Jon Surf Shop (my nephew is a snowboarder and is sponsored by our local Ron Jon so he really wanted to go) and I again bought nothing, ice cream and then drive back to condo and sit at the pool for the evening.

Thursday: MAGIC KINGDOM! No description necessary. So amazing even though it was my third visit! We had some rain in the afternoon but we were there and were weren’t leaving so we stuck it out and it was awesome because there were no lines. We walked on to almost everything!

Friday: Blizzard Beach (Disney Water Park). Hilarious fun… great weather, little-to-no lines. Awesome day. We laughed the whole time. Only down side was I saw a HUGE, long, disgusting black snake on one of the walkways headed right for the wave pool, so I wouldn’t go in after that. I’m beyond terrified of snakes.

Saturday: we spent the last day by the pool and playing volley ball. It was sad because we didn’t want the vacation to be over yet.

Sunday: 10am flight out of Orlando, arrive back in Toronto at 4 after a really turbulent flight from Chicago (connecting flight). I felt absolutely disgusting but we made it home and parked it on the couch with the dog and take-out for the rest of the night. My Mum, sister and nephew got stuck in Dallas because of flight issues and were travelling for almost 24 hours straight. They should have arrived back in Toronto at 5, but didn’t land until 2am. I was so happy that I wasn’t on their flight.

I miss Florida already. The resort was amazing… I could have lived there. I keep drifting off and thinking about it and I really want to go back.

Now, I’m sicker than a dog again. This is my third cold in 3 months and I’m getting really tired of being sick. I’m so congested that I can hardly breathe and my throat is really irritated so I can’t stop coughing. It’s awful! I can’t go home because I was off last week plus we have no paid sick time. I’m stuck here until 4:30 so I’m praying the day goes by fast. Oh, and my running training is on hold because of sickness once again. This has been the longest 12 week running program EVER! I start boot-camp next week so I hope I’m healthy by then or I’ll be in trouble.

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