Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Today is a good day! My Dad arrived this morning. He flew in to Toronto, rented a car and drove right to my Nan’s. Then, he came over to meet me on my lunch. It’s nice to have some time just him and I because when he’s here I have to share him with my DH, sister and nephew… in addition to the rest of the family that he tries to see when he’s here. I had to work today, as well as tomorrow, but I took Thursday and Friday off so I can spend the time with him. My sister couldn’t the same days off, and my nephew has school (he's in grade 8), and that sucks in some ways, but in others, again, it’s nice to hang out with him alone. My sister and my Dad couldn’t be more different, where my Dad and I are exactly the same, so we enjoy doing the same stuff together. We’ll probably go hiking or down to T.O. to shop… whatever it is will be fun!

We’re heading downtown tonight for Barrielicious. It’s an annual festival where all the privately owned restaurants in town (and there are MANY good ones) serve a three course meal for 20.09 (in 2008 it was 20.08, 2007 it was 20.07 etc). It’s to promote the locally owned businesses. I was looking at the menu for the restaurant we are going to tonight and it looks fantastic. Screw healthy eating today!!!!

I’m really excited because this will be the first time my Dad has seen our house. The last time he was here (last February for my sisters 30th), we were still in the apartment. I have a couple of things that I need him to do for me while he’s here (DH is not a very handy person). He was a general contractor when I was a kid so most of this stuff will be really simple for him to do.
At some point we’re going to do “Christmas” as well. I’m totally lost as to what to get for him or my step-mom especially since it has to be small enough to go back on the plane. Since they are renovating their house, my sister suggested we split a Home Depot gift card. It may seem impersonal, but they will appreciate it since they are spending a ton of money on the reno’s. I think that’s what we’ll end up doing.

I just want to leave. It’s really hard to be at work when I know he’s here because I know that time is limited before he’ll leave and I feel like I’m wasting it at work. Oh well… one more day and then it’s 4 days straight of Daddy/Daughter time.
Yes… you can say it. I’m a total Daddy’s girl and generally at peace with it! J Have a good week everyone!

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