Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fabulous Fifties!

We threw a big surprise 50th for my MIL on December 12th. It was a 50's/ Grease Theme party and it was a lot of fun. We rented a hall, had a DJ, had 50-70 guests, awesome food that everyone pitched in and cool decorations.

Being 50's themed there was lots of pink and black.We had pink table cloths with records that we bought from goodwill and candles as centerpieces. We had music note shaped confetti, Elvis posters, pink and black balloons, pink and black plates/napkins, an awesome pink cake with black polka-dots... it was really cool. Then we had decalls that said "At the hop" and "Rock and Roll" etc.
I danced my face off and had a GREAT time... it cost us a lot of $$, but it was totally worth it. MIL was so happy and very surprised.
We dressed up in the theme too... here's some pics.
Me and my goodwill costume!

Bub- waiting for his Mom to arrive! He looked really good in his costume!

Auntie Cherrianne- she just happened to own this costume already!

Tom and Bonnie- you can always count on these two to go all out.... they looked awesome!

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