Monday, July 12, 2010

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Well... this book was exactly what I've been looking for lately. A steamy read, with a good plot and likeable characters.
I love a good forbidden love story. There's something that just adds to the passion and emotion of the story when the characters go through an internal battle throw everything aside and decide to be with eachother, especially when it involves some element of danger.

Being the "bad boy" lover that I am, Alex was prefectly hot hot hot! I loved that he was deeper than you would expect the average gang banger to be and yet still had the tough exterior that made him so attractive. And the oy with the mixing of Spanish and English. HOT!

I thought for sure that Brittany was going to drive me crazy in the beginning, but she grew on me very quickly. You really do begin to feel bad for her and her situation at home. That made it easy to root for her and Alex. I think that it's her devotion to her sisters that made me like her so much. It showed the real depth of her character.

Among the other characters, I really liked Sierra. She wasn't the stereotypical annoying best friend and she was really there for Brittany and I like that. Colin on the other hand... I could have slapped him a few times.

The end was a little cheesy, as were a few parts here and there throughout.... but in the end this book sucked me in and I really really enjoyed it. It was a little guilty pleasure for some good weekend reading. I definitely look forward to reading Rules of Attraction- which, if the over the top trailer is any indicator, will be just as steamy.

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