Monday, July 19, 2010

The Witness by Ginna Gray

My husband and I had the cabin up north to ourselves this weekend so I knew I'd be able to get in a lot of reading.  I decided to pick up a book that I've been dying to re-read as a quick fun story for lounging on the water.

Original Review from Goodreads (2007):

This was the book that got me reading again. A trip into town one weekend at the cottage led me to a used bookstore and to this book by fluke and I LOVED it. After a couple of years of not really reading much this hooked me right away and made me remember how much I love reading.

It's a typical cheesy romance, but the adventure makes it a really fun/suspensful read. I recently found my copy and will be reading it again in the near future

I really enjoyed this re-read, and found it just as fun and exciting as the last time.  Given the amount of books I've read since, I noticed a lot of flaws in the writing that I probably wouldn't have noticed on my first read, given that at the time I was almost exclusively reading romance, but I was able to overlook them and enjoy the story for what it was.  It's entertaining, sexy and exciting and I really enjoyed it.

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