Friday, May 7, 2010

Looky what I got!!!

I did my taxes last week and figured out how much of a refund I would be getting.  I had planned on putting the money right onto my credit card, but I really needed some summer clothes.  I've been buying cheap the last few years because I've been losing weight, but the problem is that they only last a season.  So, this year, my shorts fom last year still fit, but I needed all new shirts and I wanted some cute dresses that work for the office and for everyday.

So, my credit card has been getting quite the work out while I wait for the cheque to come in.  I've also had to buy my textbooks for summer semester and put the deposit on my bridesmaids dress for my SIL's fall wedding.  Poor M/C... I hope the refund cheque comes soon because the increased balance is totally stressing me out!

Anyways, I ended up with a new shirt, 4 dresses for work, 1 for an upcoming wedding and 1 for my girls night tomorrow, as well as 2 pairs of flats (1 ballet and 1 sandal) and THESE...

The most fabulous pair of Betsy Johnson peep toe heels.  They fit perfectly and are so comfortable and I cannot wait to wear them out dancing tomorrow.  I loved them so much that I had to get a dress to go with them.  Hehehe.... I'm so bad.  They are currently sitting up on display on the bar in our living room. 

I threathened my dog with her life if she chewed them.  Not that she's a shoe chewer regularily, but I thought it was a fair warning considering the only pair of shoes she's ever chewed were my absolute favorite and most expensive pair.  I cried when I found them.

So..... I'm feeling totally guilty about racking my cc balance up, even though I know that the money is coming to pay them off (which I will absolutely put right on my cc for those of you in doubt), but I needed the clothes, the textbooks and the bridemaid dress so it had to be done.

Now I just need a pedi so my toes look cute when I wear my new shoes.  Love!


Chic Fit Geek said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!! Where did you buy them?
A little spring clothing makes all the difference. I bought a bunch of new stuff a month ago and have yet to have 'spring weather' in order to wear it all.

Ashley T said...

The shoes are from Winners! :)