Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Just Want You To Know- Kate Gosselin

I really and truly am a fan of the Gosselins.  They are the only television family that I ever watched or cared about I think that they are very misunderstood and I feel bad for them a lot of the time. I don't agree with all of the decisions they make, but I don't agree with all of the decisions ANYONE makes, including myself.

It was nice to revisit the family after what seems like such along time and again, I found it nice to be able to picture an event actually happening or actually "see"/"hear" a story play out, knowing the kids and their individual personalities as I do from the show.

My only complaint was that this book was incredibly repetative. Several of the stories brought up are ones that Kate has already told over and over either on the show or in different television appearances or even in this book alone. I didn't really feel like I came away with much new information.

All in all, I get it. I get that she wants to record these things for her kids and that's what's important to her. I'm just not sure that I will bother reading any of her future books. It wasn't overly engaging this time around.

I did really enjoy reading her letters to her children as well as getting a little more insight into Kate's past and family life. It's a part you don't often her about so I was interested in that aspect of the story.

I think any fan of the show who wants to read this should. It's a quick read so even if you don't love it, it's easy to get through. But I definitely didn't enjoy it as much as Multiple Blessings.

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Tameka said...

I struggle with trying to like her. I'm a mom and a control freak and I actually really liked the show but I loathe the extreme fame whore cloud that follows them everywhere. I liked Multiple Blessings too, I'll have to check this one out from the library.