Monday, April 12, 2010

WeeklyToDo (April 12)

I didn't do so great on my list from last week, so I've had to carry some stuff forward that will probably end up moving to next week when my exams are finally finished.

-grocery shopping
-cleaning (both bathrooms, floors, kitchen, dusting, vaccuming)
-get propane tank filled- COMPLETE
-buy shower gift- COMPLETE
-buy card and gift wrap for shower- COMPLETE
-book oil change for the car- COMPLETE
-call bank-COMPLETE
-make deposit- COMPLETE
-organize ECON notes for class on Saturday/studying- COMPLETE
-get 150 pages of ItTOtB read
-get plates renewed-COMPELTE
-book dental appointment-COMPLETE
-book eye appointment-COMPLETE

Moving to next week
-submit entry for front/backyard makeover
-income tax

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