Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

Brain candy.... that's exactly how I would describe these books. Oh, and hot.  These books are definitely hot. Elkeles sure knows how to write a sexy lead and an exciting story that sucks you in for an evening of guilty pleasure. I greedily lapped it up in a sitting last night.

This story follows the youngest Fuentes brother as the family returns to Illinois. I had a little trouble buying the idea that Mrs. Fuentes would return to this city while her youngest was still so susceptible to the gang violence that plagued her husband and two eldest sons, but it was what it was and I moved past it.

I really liked Nikki and I loved her attitude, especially when Luis re-enters the picture for the first time.  The beginning of their relationship seemed a little rushed, but the passion of the whole thing made that easy to overlook as well. 

I loved reading about these two and how Luis fit in with his family that we've already read about.  I really enjoyed the sneak peak we got into Alex and Britney, and  Carlos and Kiara's lives.  It made me happy that while the older boys have "settled down", they still have that bad boy (super sexy) instinct and attitude that makes them so yummy to read about.

My favorite part of these books is the inevitable "we can't be together" fight that is always part of forbidden love stories.  Elkeles writes these so well.  I literally ache with the characters and feel the pain in the dialogue. 

So yeah, the writing and plot are a little cheesy and the end is a little rushed, but it didn't stop me from enjoying every page of this book.  A steamy romance, an exciting conflict and a little action = an awesome escapist read for a warm summer night. 

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