Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

I was lucky enough to receive an advance galley of Julie Garwood's next book and anxiously dove right in.
This story had all the typical Julie Garwood romantic suspense elements... perfect man of the law and strong sassy and successful woman. As much as I know that her books repeat that pattern, I still love them for the quick escapist reads.

The good:

Max was certainly a "entertaining" *wink, wink* character to read about. I was hooked on him from the first conversation he had with Ellie at the hospital.

The romance was a good one. The connection between Max and Ellie was intense and immediate, and I bought it right away. Julie Garwood sure knows how to make me blush!

The not-so-good:

The end. Everything thing felt rushed; two story lines tied up within pages of each other, one of which that had been ongoing for 11 years? I just didn't buy it. Everything (the romantic elements and the suspense) was just too.... easy.  The book was just suddenly over.

I didn't buy the family either. It was as if she was really close to them, but yet knew nothing about them. I came away confused about Ellie's relationship with her parents. It didn't seem genuine at all. I suppose this comes from her separation from them, but it was just awkward.

Those things aside, it was still a fun, guilty pleasure read and I really enjoyed it. It had a cute romance and some good suspense and it was certainly entertaining. I would recommend it to Julie Garwood fans, or fans of romantic suspense in general.

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Ceska said...

This book wasn't horrible but it wasn't great. The "Ideal Man" was FBI agent Max Daniels. Max travels to South Carolina to protect Dr. Ellie Sullivan after she witnesses two bad guys shoot another agent. Plus, Ellie has a stalker.

Max was a bore and I did not sense any great passion from the two. I got the impression Max just wanted to drink beer and watch TV. Ellie actually took the remote away from him. There is some brief action. No tears or great proclamations of love after each action scene/attack. After one attack, Ellie has a cut which bleeds down her shirt yet Max puts a butterfly bandage on it and they return to the living room like nothing happened. Garwood could have added more suspense and created more adventure by letting Max and Ellie run or hide.