Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Update

I realized that I have been blogging almost exclusively about books or book-related topics lately.  I need to do something about that since, well this isn't just a book blog. It's a me blog.  My modern day, adult version of a diary. 

So... I'm going to post a mass update post on what's been going on this summer.  I'll try to do the coles notes version.

May 2-4 Weekend with Friends. 

A last minute change of plans kept us home fromt he cabin for the weekend, but we had an awesome time anyway.

We celebrated a friends Birthday at his place.  The guys got a keg of Steamwhistle.... I treated myself to Guinness.

Who needs a campfire when you have a chiminea in the backyard and a friend with a guitar?

Although I'm quite certain Muskoka would have been great fun as usual... sticking around with friends was none too shabby.

Girls Night

True, this may have been too early in the year to call summer but it was after the sandals and short sleeves came-out (even though we had a freak snow storm on this particular day).

We were celebrating then end of the school year (my BFF is back at school as well) and just wanted to have some drinks and go dancing.

Bestie decided to wear flats so I of course, towered over everyone in my 4 inchers (plus my poof)... but they're fab shoes so it was worth it.

The bestie and I   <3

Canada Day  and Other Weekends in Muskoka

As always, Canada Day weekend took us to the cabin in Muskoka

the weekend included lots of drinking, swimming (floating WITH drinks) and eating

FIL, future BIL and hubs.... loving life in Muskoka

SMIL, myself and SIL (ya- I don't wear makeup or give a sh!t about my hair at the cottage, but perhaps I should if I'm going to post pictures)

Bub and I also decided to sneak up for a weekend when we would have the place to ourselves.  We had a blast with dogs, going for walks, going into town to visit the farmers market, swimming, cracking our first beer at 10:30am, having an epic wash-toss tournament and treating ourselves to ice cream and really expensive steak.

Bub wasn't really sure what to do with himself when we first arrived.  Normally there's a ton of people already half in the bag by the time we get there on Friday nights.

Me and cappy.  We contributed to his beer cap collection quite nicely that weekend (see silver bucket that is meant to hold caps).

I decided to take the old canoe out for a spin.  It didn't goal well beacuse it's old and starting to rot, and the dam was open.  Still fun though.

We've been watching this family of geese grow all summer.  They're getting pretty big now but were so cute and tiny early in the spring.

Summer Vacation- Cottage @ Muldrew Lake

We spent the last week of July at one of my favorite places in the world.... a cottage my Mum rents every year at Muldrew Lake.  It's a week of naps, eating, reading, swimming and more naps.

This was where I spent the week.  A zero gravity chair on the dock with a book and a cold drink

Our brave little Lola fianlly got up the nerve to swim out beyond the beach this year.  Jenny cheated and waited for her sister to bring the stick back in (she's standing on a rock) and then stole it.

Daddy teaching his little buddy (Lola) how to swim

Me and my little buddy (Jenny)... she was a little worried about us while we swam.

Bub re-reading Catching Fire in prep for Mockingjay!

Our sun goddess

It was such a relaxing week and we hated to leave... but definitely look forward to next summer at Muldrew Lake.

Well I guess that's it for now (at least in terms of what I have caught on camera).  The next few weekends are packed with SIL's wedding related activites (bachelorette and shower) so I'll have some more to post... plus a trip back to the cottage is long overdue.  Hopefully before August is over we'll get back up there for a weekend.

I wrote my final exam for the summer term last night which means almost 5 school-free weeks before Fall term starts. Unfortuantely I don't have any vacation from work, but I get my evenings and weekends to enjoy the rest of the summer and can't wait. 

Now if only I could remember to take my camera out more often.

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welcome back to the blog world! Missed you.
Looks like you've had a wonderful summer so far.