Friday, November 6, 2009

A Jumbled Mess.....

Are you ready for a whole lot of randomness?

Some of you may remember my posts about having to change my degree/major because my current major (which would give me a BA in Business & Society when I’m done) is not doable for me based on the schedule of some of the core classes. So…. I went in and spoke with an advisor about changing my major and degree to get my BAS (Bachelor of Administrative Studies) which is what I applied for in the beginning but was missing a high school level math prerequisite, so I couldn’t get in. Now that I’m already a student of the University, they are going to allow me to change provided I meet some criteria:

-I must maintain a 5.0 GPA this year (my school is on a strange grading system, but it’s basically the equivalent of a C+) which is no problem for me.

-I have to take a “Mathematics for Admissions” class, which does not affect my GPA nor will it count towards my degree, but is strictly pass or fail.

As long as I pass, along with a 5.0 or higher GPA, I can switch no problem. I’m so relieved because my current degree program was just not a) what I thought b) working with my schedule (at least not in the future). Both programs are similar, but this is the one I wanted to begin with so I’m happy about it.  It’s a relief. It sucks that I have to take and pay for a class that doesn’t count for anything, but it’s what I have to do so I’m okay with it.

I got one of my term-papers back and got the second highest mark in the class! I missed highest by 2%!! That means that I’ve received exactly 80% on all assignments/test so far this term. It’s kind of weird isn’t it? My economics Prof bumped all of our marks by 5% (and may give us 5 or 6% more at the end of the year), but I have actually earned 80% on everything. Strange.

We pretty much have to buy a car this weekend. We’ve been looking online this week and test drove and 05 Civic on Monday night, so I think we’ll find something. Now…. fingers crossed that we get financing!!! We’ve both always had really good credit (I’m so crazy about bills being paid on time), but I think with the savings down to nothing and the fact that we’ve got a 100% mortgage now, coupled with the applications this summer for financial aid for school (which I didn’t get for various reasons), we may not be ideal candidates any longer. We make all of our payments on time, but that’s just a part of it. I don’t know what the hell we are going to do if we don’t get approved, but I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, I’m just concentrating on finding a good reliable car at a reasonable price, then I’ll think about paying for it.

Not only do I have to buy a car this weekend, but I have to clean my house, get my waxing done (this is imperative so I don’t start to look like a boy), go to the library, complete an annotated bibliography for a paper I have to do, and do my online class. I’m hoping that I can get everything squared away so we can go with a group of friends to Toronto tomorrow night to The Mod Club to see our friend’s band play. It’s free since we’re on the bands list so I’d really like to go and just have a good time.

Happy Friday!!! (Man... I'm in a surprisingly good mood today... odd)

 Here's some of the cars we're thinking about. 

You know... something "family practical".  Fours doors for easy access with car seats and puppies.

Or if we wanted something a little sportier... although we'd have to get rid of it when babies come.

HA! Seriously though.... this is likely closer to what we'll end up with....

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